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Content distribution is mostly broken and can be optimized. A blockchain based decentralized marketplace gives distributors more diverse, local, relevant content at better margins; content creators receive insights into how their content is being consumed and a larger share of revenue; consumers ultimately have more access to relevant content and more choice.

Hubii Network is building this blockchain based decentralized marketplace with input and support from distribution, content and blockchain industry partners. Kickstarting this marketplace is Hubii’s existing distribution network reaching out to over 50 million people.

Our Solution in Brief

“At Telenor we aspire to be our customers' favourite partner in digital life. Through engaging products and services, such as WowBox, Telenor's lifestyle app, we deliver on this ambition and give people the full benefit of being connected. WowBox has reached more than 10 million users in our Asian markets and Hubii has been an integral part of making it the success that it is today, reaching out to our large user base with their global content distribution network. The team at Hubii has been important in creating value for our WowBox customers by building solutions that make content distribution more effective and provide high value content. We wish them great success also in the future.”

Bjørn Thorstensen, Head of WowBox, Telenor Group`
Bjørn Thorstensen
Head of WowBox, Telenor Group
“The media industry is in turmoil, with traditional relationships between creators and distributors broken and standard measures of value unreliable. Blockchain, by disintermediating gatekeeper companies, can redefine the industry for the 21st century, put control in the hands of makers and users, and allow a true marketplace to establish value.”
David Schlesinger (@daschles). Independent advisor & commentator on media, journalism and China. Former Chairman, Thomson Reuters China; former Editor-in-Chief
David Schlesinger
Former Editor-In-Chief, Reuters
Our Solution at Length
Hubii Network

"AGORA" (Beta)

  • transparency dashboard
  • SDK for distribution partners
  • content owners: control panel, content ingestion - text & image
  • content distributors: content browsing and selection, control panel
  • content rules of engagement
  • payment settlement & invoicing
  • HBT payments to be added based on OmiseGO's timeline


  • ongoing integration with OmiseGO
  • additional integrations with software and hardware wallets
  • extra features

"PYTHIA" (Beta)

  • fact checking

"AGORA" (v0.5)

  • audio & video content ingestion, distribution and smart contract settings
  • user generated content monetisation
  • fully enabled crypto payments
  • mechanism to remove users' exchange rate risk

"AGORA" (v1.0)

  • finalised migration of customers from Hubii to Hubii Network
  • smart crowdfunding via smart contracts for movie/music artists and journalists where backers can obtain return of their investment based set rules
  • crowdsourced content curation
  • AR, VR & e-sports content distribution
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Our Team
Meet our team and advisers
Jacobo Toll-Messia
Jacobo Toll-Messia
CEO & Founder
Barbara Hüeppe
Barbara Hüppe
Communication Director, PhD